Rhode Island Hospital Lockdown Follows Emergency Department Fight

A triple shooting at a nearby club prompted a large group of visitors to enter the facility.

Rhode Island Hospital issued a lockdown after a fight broke out in the emergency department Sunday morning.

Hospital security officers and Providence police were called to the emergency department around 3:40 a.m. to respond to the incident, although no arrests were made, reports wpri.com.

The emergency department was filled with visitors following a shooting outside of nearby Club Luv that left three men wounded. All three victims were transported to Rhode Island Hospital and the visitors were believed to be family and friends.

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As people gathered at the facility’s Andrew F. Anderson Emergency Center, a fight between a group and one person broke out and hospital officials issued the lockdown.

Some witnesses reported seeing weapons being used during the fight, but police did not recover any. Police believe multiple weapons were used in the night club shooting.

More than 20 people were removed from the hospital and the lockdown was lifted around 4:10 a.m.

The hospital’s video cameras captured at least some of the altercation and police are investigating.

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