Safe and Sound Schools Hosts Event at Boston University

The event attracted dozens of students, local school faculty and media members.

Boston University hosted an event on campus to address issues of school violence and safety on Oct. 22.

Safe and Sound Schools, an organization dedicated to empowering members of the education community to improve school safety, partnered with the Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools to bring together a panel of security experts and advocates to discuss major campus safety issues.

“One of the big issues we face is trying to inform people without scaring people,” says Michele Gay, the founder of Safe and Sound Schools.

Experts answered questions from Twitter and the audience about a range of school safety topics. Below are two clips from the event. The first clip covers topics like the SRO’s role in schools and threat assessments, among other things. The second clip features discussions on arming school staff members and mental health.

The panel was comprised of, from left to right, Executive Director of the National Association of School Resource Officers Mo Canady, Founder of the Koshka Foundation Kristina Anderson, Gay, Boston University Deputy Director of Public Safety Scott Pare and Fitchburg Public Schools Superintendent Andre Ravenelle.


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