Former Central Michigan Univ. Student with Peanut Allergy Hazed with Peanut Butter

The incident is being investigated by university officials and local police.

A student claims he transferred from Central Michigan University after members of an underground fraternity hazed him by activating his peanut allergy.

Members of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity, which lost its affiliation with CMU after a 2011 hazing incident, allegedly put peanut butter on 19-year-old Andrew Seely while he was passed out, according to

Seely’s mother posted pictures of her son’s reaction to that incident on Facebook March 1 and called for justice for her son.

University officials and the Central Michigan Police Department opened investigations into the alleged incident after Seely’s mother filed a report with the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

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CMU Director of Communications Heather Smith said university officials learned about the allegations on Facebook at the same time as everyone else. Smith says the university publicly lists organizations that have lost their affiliation with the school.

Seely’s mother claims her son has a deadly peanut allergy and could have been killed. Seely was treated at the campus health clinic and completed his fall semester before transferring to another school.

CMU police don’t have jurisdiction in the case because the alleged incident occurred off campus.

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