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Complete your campus’ evacuation plan with Slyde.

Most campuses rely on first responders during an emergency evacuation.  In the event of an emergency situation rescue help from EMS, Fire and Police can be delayed due to multiple reason. We all know during an emergency occurrence seconds can be the matter of life or death. Why not help first responders get to the injured or disabled faster, by evacuating them out to a safe zone.

Campuses are equipped with lifesaving equipment such as Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kits, and AEDs (defibrillators). What if your campus loses power and you have individuals in wheelchairs stuck on the third floor. What if a natural disaster comes through your campus, and you must evacuate the injured. We must be prepared and planned no matter what the situation is. There is going to be individuals that are unable to help themselves due to an injury from the incident or from physical limitation before the incident.

Safely evacuating the injured or disable, in any emergency situation, should be the first thing you think of when developing your campus’ emergency plan. The Slyde allows anyone to become a first care provider and evacuate them to a higher level of care. Slyde is a more affordable resource than other evacuation chairs or devices. Which could mean multiple people can be recused or saved at one time.

We are starting to realize campuses are missing a vital piece in their emergency evacuation plans, and it can mean the difference between life and death. The Slyde saves precious time in evacuating a disabled or injured individual to safety. No one should have to choose who makes it out safely and who doesn’t. Slyde can help all individuals have the chance to be evacuated.

Don’t let a devastating disaster happen without being equipped with the proper emergency evacuation equipment.  Some evacuation equipment can become expensive or hard to use. Slyde provides a safe, lightweight and efficient evacuation device that anyone can use with minimal training. Next time the unexpected happens, make sure your campus’ evacuation plan is complete with Belluscura’s Evacuation Slyde.



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