Lancaster, Pa. School Bus Hit-and-Run Injures 16

Police are still searching for the driver who set in motion the school bus crash.

Lancaster police are searching for a driver who they say set in motion a crash May 16 that injured 16 people, including 14 students.

The driver of a white sedan, possibly a Chevrolet Malibu, is wanted for questioning in the investigation.

Police say the wanted driver hit the back of an escort vehicle for a tractor trailer, which sent the vehicle into another lane where it side swiped a Lancaster Mennonite School bus.

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The school bus tipped over and 16 people were sent to Lancaster General Hospital.

One six year old boy is struggling for his life after being trapped underneath the bus, reports ABC News.

The 15 other people injured in the crash have been released from the hospital.

The incident occurred Wednesday morning in East Lampeter Township.

The Lancaster Mennonite School posted a message on Facebook today saying in part, “School is operating normally, although prayer and support will be infused throughout the day. School counselors are available, as always, to help in times of crisis.”

lancaster school bus crash

The Lancaster District Attorney’s Office released a video of the car driven by the unknown driver (an image of the car is on the left). The East Lampeter Police Department has received several tips since the video’s release.

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