Can You Get Your Whole Team On A Call In Seconds? Now You Can!

ZipBridge’s founder explains the inspiration behind the development of ZipBridge’s instant response team communication solution.

Several years ago, I was an account executive for a telecommunications company meeting with a College client. He asked me if we had a reverse conference calling service — one that called out to the participants rather than requiring everyone to call in and enter a PIN. I told him I had never heard of such a service, but asked why he sought one and how he would use it.

The client proceeded to tell me about a time on campus when there was a report of a person with a gun and they needed to find out right away what was actually happening and the appropriate response. To do that they needed to assemble 6 key staff members on a call and that’s where they ran into problems. They had a mass notification system to alert their 10,000 constituents, but they had no good way to get these 6 people on an emergency conference call. They sent emails, called their work, cell and home phone numbers, and finally 10 minutes later, 4 out of 6 key staff members were on a call, debriefed on the situation and put a plan into action as best they could.

I tried to find a solution without success. My client wanted a reverse conference call — one that called the participants so they did not need to be alerted of a pending call and then call in and enter, a PIN, but instead, just answer the call and they’re immediately connected to the conference call. After weeks of futile research to find such a solution, I decided to build one; ZipBridge was born.

With ZipBridge reverse outbound conference calling solution, we break through the clutter of unread messages with a good old fashioned phone call. A ringing phone is still the best way to get someone’s attention and, with ZipBridge, people can add a custom ringtone to make the importance of the incoming ZipBridge call even more obvious. There is just no better, easier or more reliable way to get a group of people on a call when seconds and simplicity count.

Our customers tell us the features they like about ZipBridge, making it a great tool for incident management communications:

  • ZipBridge is Easy
    • To setup
    • To launch a call from the App or your Contacts
    • To deploy within an organization — no special equipment to buy or software to install
    • For participants to join — just answer and press or say 1
    • To try with our “no credit card needed” free trial
    • To purchase with very affordable annual plans that can be paid for by Check or Credit Card
  • ZipBridge is Instant and Pervasive
    • Within seconds of launching the call, people will begin communicating
    • Phone calls with custom ringtones, backup phone numbers, international calling capabilities and text message alerts break through the clutter and get more people to join, resulting in more complete information and better, faster decisions
  • ZipBridge is Reliable
    • ZipBridge is based on proven telecommunications technology already serving hundreds of thousands of clients
    • ZipBridge is hosted in dual clouds so it stays up no matter the conditions
    • ZipBridge terminates all calls on the PSTN for unparalleled call quality

If you are responsible for bringing a team together on a call for unscheduled and urgent situations, ZipBridge is the right service for you!

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