Campus Safety in a COVID-19 World

In today’s “new normal,” educational institutions need the right communication tools to respond effectively to emergencies now more than ever. Are you prepared?

Campus Safety in a COVID-19 World

As many schools are moving forward with in-person instruction, educational institutions are focused on the health, welfare and safety of students and educators. Prior to the global pandemic that now requires masks, temperature checkpoints, and readily available hand sanitizer, schools and universities were focused on being prepared for mass shootings and natural disasters. In today’s “new normal,” they also need to identify students, teachers, and employees who have the coronavirus and prevent them from entering classrooms, facilities, or sporting events where they could put other lives at risk.

Schools and universities are looking to next generation business systems to address the need for a safe and secure learning environment. When threatening events occur on campus, school administrators want the assurance that the right tools are in place to create a rapid and effective response. Whether it’s keeping an active shooter out by locking down doors with the touch of a button, or using Artificial Intelligence (AI), infrared technology, and video capabilities to prevent a student with an elevated temperature from entering a university football stadium, schools and universities need the right communication tools to respond effectively.

Multi-channel Access to Emergency Services

In an emergency, an integrated emergency communications system can provide the highest level of security to staff and students. Multi-channel access to emergency services enables educational institutions to interconnect people, resources, data, and solutions in multiple ways to deliver information so emergency call takers can respond faster and more precisely than ever before.

As a situation unfolds, a variety of customized notification and security capabilities from 9-1-1 calls, to alarms, strobe lights, door locks and loudspeakers – some triggered automatically – can save critical time and protect students, faculty, staff and visitors. A fully integrated solution can effectively address lockouts, lockdowns, evacuations, reverse evacuations, and emergencies by expediting response, notifying and assembling resources, and most importantly – protect students and staff.

Next Generation 9-1-1 Capabilities

NG9-1-1 has IP-enabled functionality that can transport voice, multimedia data, and geospatial location information. The automated transmission of highly-accurate information provides first responders with the exact location of an emergency call’s origin and instant access to detailed maps of a school or campus. It can also provide text communication with key onsite personnel and remote control monitoring of a building’s existing phone system, door access, video surveillance, strobe lights, gunshot detection and facial recognition systems – all within seconds after a 9-1-1- call is placed.

Alert the Right People, at the Right Time, with the Right Information

Whether a gas leak has been reported near an elementary school or an incident involving a weapon at a high school or college campus requires a “lockdown,” or a student has tested positive for COVID-19,, a school’s communications system has to be flexible and powerful enough to support mass notifications to enhance routine campus operations and streamline the emergency response process.

With the right communications tools, campus safety personnel, students, teachers, faculty, staff and parents can receive updates as events unfold and instructions on what to do. Response tracking based on location can also be enabled, proactively initiating lockdown procedures and monitoring hallway cameras with audio and video controls. Within seconds, first responders receive detailed, life-saving data including building addresses, the specific device from which a call is placed, and the square footage of an organization.

As a trusted advisor to more than 5,000 educational institutions globally, Avaya offers a wide range of affordable solutions that provide the latest safety and security communications capabilities to prevent or mitigate the impact of unforeseen events. Click here to learn more about how Avaya’s Education Solutions can get you back to the “new normal,” and ensure a safe and secure learning environment.

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