Educational Leadership Matters During Uncertain Times

As Covid-19 cases rise across the nation, educational leaders are struggling with being compliant to many different shifting rules, regulations and requirements.

During this time of uncertainty and crisis, Groupdolists helps school leaders make sense of the chaos, providing intuitive, mobile-centric technology that simplifies and automatically documents processes and procedures.

As schools and universities return to school in August and September, data driven information and consistent communication have become the currency for strong leadership, as we strive to have safe and secure learning environments for students, teachers and faculty.

In today’s mobile and decentralized world, procedures and plans need to be current, flexible to “real-time” adaptation as well as all encompassing. Today’s leadership is complicated, and this requires management teams to be aligned and informed with the multitude of situations that will require solid and consistent response.

Groupdolists redefines the educational marketplace with a mobile response tool that allows administrative leadership and their collective teams to operate using their existing response plans or choose from over 200 predefined response plans (i.e. Covid-19, Campus Lockdown, Sexual Assault, Threat of Violence, etc.), at the same time supporting a flexible and diverse group of leadership.

Whether the procedure is active temperature and oxygen checking, social/emotional wellness, distance learning requirements or simply a water main break or power outage, Groupdolists empowers leadership with a robust and real time mobile solution that immediately drives value with the following capabilities to assist your ability to return to normalcy as fast as possible.

  1. Detailed and flexible procedures and plans
  2. Instant collaboration of response individuals and teams in a mobile platform
  3. Multimodal communication
  4. Clearly documented audit trails

“As we begin the reopening process and start educating our students within the new norm, our systems need to advance, our procedures need to be updated and our communication needs to be top notch. Groupdolists brings this all together for us. We can’t afford not to be partnering with them; their platform, their technology and their commitment to their clients is like no other.”

Joe Baeta, Superintendent
Norton Public Schools, MA

We invite all administrators and educators to reach out to Groupdolists to see how we can assist your organization in the same manner of success as we have supported leaders in education across the country.

“Unprecedented times require a response platform that delivers continuity and resilience. We at Cherokee County School District chose Groupdolists in order to have an intentional focus on a mobile coordinated response, collaborative communications and a documented, transparent command and control audit trail. It’s critical that we stay in control of our community members during this time and moving forward.”

Mike McGowan, Chief of Staff
Cherokee County School District, GA

We are committed to our customers and partners and we maintain a deep commitment to proactive planning and strong, accountable and equitable resolve for a variety of potential challenges that educational institutions will face in a Covid-19 world.

Reach out to me today. I can definitely help.

Heather Harer
Vice President Business Development
[email protected]

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