Technology Checklist: A Guide to School Safety and Security

Today’s school staff and teachers are not only responding to everyday incidents, such as hallway altercations or minor health situations, but also critical situations. Communications and safety technology is evolving to help schools meet these security challenges and ensure that students feel secure, supported, and ready to learn at all times.

It’s important to have an integrated ecosystem helps your school district meet security needs and requirements at all levels, from the district-wide layer all the way down to the individual classrooms.

In this new resource, “Technology Checklist: A Guide to School Safety and Security,” you’ll learn about what goes into an effective security ecosystem and get a checklist of technologies that will meet your district’s needs. Topics include:

  • School district safety & security elements
  • Property perimeter safety
  • Security in the classroom
  • Importance of parking lot safety

Get your free copy of this new resource today and bring your district’s security technology to the next level.

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