Reduce Video Surveillance Costs for Education Facilities with Centralization

The industry-wide migration to IP video surveillance over the last few years has had many benefits, but chief among them may be the ability to centralize. Download this Campus Safety White Paper to learn more.

A centralized deployment results in reduced costs, a simpler-yet more robust-configuration, and maximized leveraging of existing infrastructure. If you are evaluating your video management system or developing a new one for a multi-facility configuration in particular, consider a centralized deployment.

IP video is more affordable than ever and is really the best choice for entry into the video surveillance market or when considering a system upgrade. As technology improves- H.264, camera side motion detection-installed camera costs are no longer in the $2,500-plus range, and they aren’t just less expensive, they are better than ever.

A centralized configuration with servers in a data center is also less expensive in the long run for your large or even mid-scale IP video camera installation. In fact, we have seen examples where there is a 50-75% savings on the server infrastructure-literally translating into hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings. And did I mention the ability to achieve more than 200 cameras per server?