How to Make Security and Video Surveillance Manageable

Here’s how IP video software helps Western Kentucky University police monitor the school’s many cameras. The software also assists campus and local officials with other community safety efforts.

Over the past decade, hospitals, schools and universities have greatly increased the number of security cameras on campus. One significant challenge to the deployment of so many video surveillance units, however, is their monitoring and management. Who should have access to these cameras, and just how is this to be accomplished with the limited number of staff on hand?

Western Kentucky University (WKU) addressed these and other issues with the adoption of open platform video management software. The technology enables the institution to bring more services to campus in innovative ways and aid in the protection of its community.

The IT division’s network team at WKU leverages its open platform video management software to deploy custom solutions for different departments throughout the university. Over time, they have installed cameras as needed among nearly 30 departments, each with different requirements.

Read on to discover how school officials assign camera access privileges and how their new video management software has fostered a culture of collaboration, confidence and cooperation.

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