How Technology and the Cloud Empower Campus Safety

By adopting cloud services and implementing systems and strategies pioneered by the NYPD, universities, hospitals and K-12 school districts can improve their security profiles while managing their budgets.

The adoption rate of security and life safety technologies by institutions of higher education, hospitals and K-12 school districts has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. It’s estimated that school and university spending on video surveillance and access control will be more than $1.1 billion by 2018 (TechNavio).

Campus Safety (CS) magazine’s studies support these conclusions, finding that more than nine out of 10 respondents to its 2016 video surveillance survey say their campuses have security cameras installed. Of the respondents whose campuses have these systems, 79 percent say their organizations will be purchasing more video surveillance equipment in the next three years. CS’ previous studies have also found that more than three in four K-12 campuses and 71 percent of hospitals have purchased visitor management solutions in the past two years or are considering this purchase.