Guide to Video Surveillance Deployment & Integration Trends

The applications for security cameras and integrated systems appear to be practically limitless.

Now more than ever, schools, hospitals and institutions of higher education can choose from a wide variety of video solutions, many of which can be integrated with access control, HVAC and your organization’s marketing strategies.

Some of the most promising solutions currently available and ready for deployment are video analytics, video management systems (VMS), physical security information management (PSIM) solutions and wireless cameras. For example, analytics can be an effective force multiplier in augmenting campus public safety personnel. Wireless technology, too, can expand the reach of security by enabling cameras to be placed closer to an actual target in hard-to-reach places like parking lots. And, VMS or PSIM can help integrate your video feed with your institution’s access control, intrusion and fire detection solutions.

This paper serves as a guide to the strengths and weaknesses of these solutions, as well as providing helpful installation and deployment tips.