Active Shooter Training for K-12 Teachers and Administrators

Download the presentation from the 2014 Campus Safety Conference, Presented by: Timothy J. Anderson, Deputy Chief

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To date, the LASPD has trained over 4,000 school principals, nurses, and law enforcement personnel in On Campus K-12 Active Shooter Training at the campus response level (the first 10 minutes of an Active Shooter Incident). This course focuses on grievance based attacks, pre-incident indicators, and lessons learned from school based active shooter incidents to provide school staff, administrators, and law enforcement with a review of safe school plans, lockdown procedures, and introduces Rapid Relocation. Attendees will gain a greater understanding of the critical elements to improve school safety, pre-incident indicators, and action steps to improve student safety during an Active Shooter Incident prior to the arrival of law enforcement. This course and all related materials are Law Enforcement Sensitive and are restricted to school administrators/staff and law enforcement personnel.

Course Objectives:

  • Steps Principals and school staff can take during an on campus Active Shooter incident during the initial critical minutes prior to law enforcement arrival.
  • Challenges and actions steps to implementing an effective Lockdown.
  • Active Shooter pre-incident indicators and threat assessment.
  • Lessons learned from contemporary on campus Active Shooter incidents (i.e., Sandy Hook ES, etc.).
  • Updates to Safe School Plans.
  • Implementation of Rapid Relocation: purpose, scope, and rationale.
  • Next steps to planning, preparation, coordination, and communication between school campuses and law enforcement.
  • Executive summary of Table Top Exercises (TTX) and Field Training Exercises (FTX) to: Build competencies and confidence in Active Shooter recognition and response. Videos include the use of blanks, diversionary devices, and role players to simulate an On Campus Active Shooter incident.

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