2023 Video Surveillance Deep Dive

Campus Safety’s latest research finds that while security camera systems continue to be a popular investment, more schools, hospitals, and colleges are also embracing AI, the cloud, and LPR.

Video surveillance systems continue to be a critical component of K-12 school, university, and healthcare security programs. Even the organizations that historically were most hesitant or unable to adopt this technology are now willing to consider acquiring security cameras.

The 2023 Campus Safety Video Surveillance Deep Dive provides valuable insights into the growing use of surveillance systems, as well as the increased adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), the cloud, license plate recognition (LPR), and other technologies that help bolster the effectiveness of cameras.

The Deep Dive also covers:

  • Specific adoption rates of AI, the cloud, and LPR
  • Other video surveillance technologies that continue to have a strong appeal to campuses
  • Weapons and gun detection system adoption rates
  • System coverage and quality
  • And more!

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