Hospital Security

Cooper Industries Acquires Mass Notification Systems Manufacturer

Fresno State Student Kills 1, Injures 2 in Off-Campus Shooting

In-Car Video Impacts Supreme Court Ruling

Attorney General Launches College Alumni Association Investigation

2 Drunk Driving Charges in 2 Days Gets University President Fired

Boston-area Campus Police Renew Efforts to Carry Firearms

Read: Alternatives in Physical Perimeter Protection

Alternatives in Physical Perimeter Protection

Security solutions such as rotating decorative bollards,safety nets and collapsible sidewalks are just some of thenontraditional ways campuses can protect their perimeters whilemaintaining an attractive appearance. Check out these three innovativetechnologies.

Responding to Abusive Patient Behavior (Part I of III): 3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Training Staff

Healthcare workers, police and security personnel greatly benefit from training that shows them how to appropriately deal with patients, visitors and even other employees who may become disruptive or violent. But if that training isn’t delivered properly andto the right people, problems can result. This first part of our serieson managing abusive patients discusses how hospitals can avoid themistakes often made when developing their education programs.

Va. Tech Massacre Prompts Connecticut University to Review Safety

Repeat Broadcast of Campus Emergency Notification Webinar to be Held May 1

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