David Burns's Latest Posts

Mass Notification Lessons Learned from Virginia Tech

U.S. Department of Education report highlights new precedents that campuses must consider.

Incorporate CAP to Improve Emergency Messaging Performance

Here’s how UCLA applies this standard for effective emergency alerting.

Call Us ‘Masters of Disasters’

Emergency managers could go by many different names. Here are just a few I’d like to suggest.

Our Biggest Campus Threat: The Economy

Budget cuts are setting campuses up for a risk management disaster.

Desert Race Highlights Need for Oversight of Events

Plans must be realistic and resources must be properly staged.

Practitioners With Credentials Enhance Emergency Management

AEM and CEM credentials help to ensure employee competence.

How to Land Campus Emergency Management Jobs

Properly crafted cover letters and resumes help get your foot in the door.

Tips on Hiring Campus Emergency Managers

Appropriate candidates must be well-rounded and experienced.

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