Spotlight on: Campus Safety Conference

The Campus Safety Conference is a 2-day intense conference for administrators and public safety officials, security and law enforcement executives from all over the country looking for solutions to campus safety, security, emergency management and technology challenges.

Secure Your Campus with 5 Layers of Safety

Campus Safety HQ launches a new tool to help schools develop a comprehensive approach to safety and security situation.

When an incident occurs on campus – whether it’s a violent situation, medical emergency, hazardous spill or weather-related incident – staff members need to be trained to respond.

But what needs to happen before the training and after the incident?

To ensure a comprehensive approach, Campus Safety HQ is offering a new course, The 5 Layers of School Safety. It covers emergency management, staff training, exercises, hardware/software and a positive school culture.

It’s important to establish a relationship between the school and first responders who can help determine possible hazards on the campus. Based on that initial assessment, EOPs and ERPs are written. Staff members are trained on the plans, which then can be tested with exercises alongside first responders.

  • The After Action Review from the exercise will help determine any weaknesses that can be addressed through revising the plans or additional training.
  • The Emergency Operations Plan and Emergency Response Plan should be available to staff always by computers and apps on their devices.
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design is enhanced with electronic access control, visitor management systems and IP cameras.
  • A mass notification system is used to establish a communication method during the school year and becomes a vital link during an emergency or critical event.
  • The ability to return a sense of normalcy after an event can be accomplished by having a Recovery Plan to address the emotional needs of the students, staff and community.

The course contains 23 videos, including one covering suggestions for parents, a resources library and pdf files. It was developed by Gary L. Sigrits, Jr., a nationally known speaker, consultant, author and expert on emergency preparedness. He has spent more than 30 years as an educator, administrator and police office.

Gary is a certified DHS trainer for both the Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response (LASER) and Screening of Persons through Observational Techniques (SPOT) organizations.  He continues to present at school safety conferences across the country on the topics of emergency preparedness and teaches schools how to build relationships with their first responders.

The 5 Levels of School Safety is just one part of Campus Safety HQ, the Community and Resource Headquarters for Campus Safety Trainers. The site presents easy-to-use, proven training methods developed by some of the top security experts in the country and designed to improve the security of any campus.

Among the courses currently on Campus Safety HQ is The First 30 Seconds, 16 real-life school crisis scenarios designed to prepare all staff members to respond to threats and emergencies; the School Bus & Transportation Crisis Scenario Training and Safe Passages: School Transportation Security and Emergency Preparedness, designed to train bus drivers to cope with emergencies; our Active Shooter Course; Bomb Threat Protocols; leadership training through Leadercast Now and individual topics addressed at the 2016 Campus Safety Conferences.

New programs are added each month to meet your training needs.

Find out more at Campus Safety HQ.

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