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Promising Practices for Handling Sexual Violence on Campus

This white paper discusses the challenges of implementing Title IX and the Clery Act and highlights promising practices regarding reporting of sex crimes, timely warnings, training, investigations and…

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The school’s Title IX investigation found “clear and convincing evidence” that Blake Wentworth had engaged in misconduct. By CS Staff · May 25, 2017

Governor Cuomo’s college sexual assault review will ensure universities are complying with the Enough is Enough law. By CS Staff · May 21, 2017

Topics covered at Campus Safety East and West conferences include Title IX, immigration, campus carry, protests and more. By CS Staff · May 18, 2017

Looking to hire someone to manage your campus Clery Act compliance efforts? Here are the qualifications he or she should possess. By Alison Kiss · May 16, 2017

The rate of sexual violence by K-12 students peaks during middle school. By CS Staff · May 05, 2017

College students accused of sexual assault allege unfair treatment in university Title IX proceedings. By CS Staff · May 03, 2017

Francisco Sousa received $10,000 in a settlement with San Diego State University for the school's handling of a sexual assault allegation against him. By CS Staff · May 02, 2017

Some sexual assault behaviors were mislabelled by large percentages of people aged 18-34. By CS Staff · April 14, 2017

So far, 16 student athletes from La Vernia High School in Texas and Hamilton High School in Arizona have been arrested for hazing involving sexual assault. By Robin Hattersley Gray · April 14, 2017

College students accused of sexual assault should have a more fair and balanced university disciplinary review, according to a new report. Unfair rules put the burden of proof on accused students who may be greatly affected by college sexual assault rulings, according to The American College of Trial Lawyers. By CS Staff · April 13, 2017