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Keeping an open mind will improve campus security because we will be less inclinded to ignore or explain away critical threats and evidence. By Robin Hattersley Gray · April 20, 2017

Errors in emergency response contributed to the casualty figures, according to the court. By CS Staff · April 17, 2017

Police believe Joseph Jakubowski has been planning to steal guns and attack public officials, schools or churches in the area as part of his radical anti-government ideology. Jakubowski is suspected in a weapons theft April 4 in Janesville and several schools in the area have taken safety precautions. By CS Staff · April 10, 2017

Bollards help protect special events, building entrances and more from vehicle attacks and accidents. By Greg Hamm · April 03, 2017

The key to addressing this contentious issue is delivering proactive and positive outreach to all students, faculty, staff and administration, irrespective of their national origin or political orientation. By Chief Daniel A. Dusseau and Lt. John Weinstein · March 27, 2017

The emergency response programs provide funding to state and local law enforcement agencies. By CS Staff · March 20, 2017

There are multiple theories for why campuses are being targeted. By Rick Amweg and Paul Denton · February 07, 2017

Different definitions, a wide variety of terrorist motivations and changing tactics make addressing terrorism a challenge. Here’s a look at the current status of the terrorism threat at institutions of higher education. By Rick Amweg and Paul Denton · February 01, 2017

The lawsuit accuses Donald Trump's executive order of being unconstitutional. By CS Staff · February 01, 2017

The measures are aimed at tracking who enters and leaves the city to improve safety. By CS Staff · January 13, 2017