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Event Security Tips and Tactics For Public Safety Officers

Making a security plan for events, practicing it and changing it according to new technology is the only way to ensure execution.

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Auburn University paid Cameron Padgett's legal fees after attempting to cancel Richard Spencer's speech on campus amid safety concerns. By CS Staff · May 17, 2017

The University of California Berkeley's Ann Coulter controversy has led to a lawsuit from the Berkeley College Republicans. By CS Staff · April 25, 2017

The bill excludes college athletic events from a recently-passed campus carry law. By CS Staff · April 06, 2017

University security officials are anticipating large crowds to form on campus following the game. By CS Staff · April 03, 2017

Bollards help protect special events, building entrances and more from vehicle attacks and accidents. By Greg Hamm · April 03, 2017

The event led to violence and a shooting on the UW campus. By CS Staff · March 27, 2017

The school is reviewing its policy for security fees during campus events. By CS Staff · March 16, 2017

If deployed correctly, metal detectors can go a long way in making your campus environment safer. By Zach Winn · February 16, 2017

The additional features in many of today's access control systems can help maximize your school's event security operations. By Robert Laughlin · January 30, 2017

The shooter has claimed he was acting in self defense and an investigation is ongoing. By Zach Winn · January 23, 2017