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When It Comes to Campus Security, It Pays to Be a Realistic Optimist

People with a glass-half-full attitude are much more successful, healthier and happier than pessimists.

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The bill allows concealed carry permit holders to complete a training course and bring guns on college campuses. By CS Staff · March 16, 2017

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The professor was treated for non-life threatening injuries and no one else was injured in the incident. By CS Staff · February 27, 2017

A marijuana deal gone bad is believed to have started the wild foot chase. By CS Staff · February 24, 2017

Maximize the efficiency and emergency preparedness of your campus with an all-in-one platform. By CS Staff · February 24, 2017

Multiple bystanders sustained minor injuries and an officer fired his weapon during the chase. By CS Staff · February 17, 2017

Automating the cash management process at your institution can reduce the risk of theft, robbery and human error. By Robert J. Dunbar · February 09, 2017

Students have received concerning emails ever since the event was shut down by protesters. By CS Staff · February 06, 2017

Different definitions, a wide variety of terrorist motivations and changing tactics make addressing terrorism a challenge. Here’s a look at the current status of the terrorism threat at institutions of higher education. By Rick Amweg and Paul Denton · February 01, 2017

The devices will help transform classrooms into "safe rooms" in the event of a lockdown. By CS Staff · January 31, 2017