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When It Comes to Campus Security, It Pays to Be a Realistic Optimist

People with a glass-half-full attitude are much more successful, healthier and happier than pessimists.

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University officials say the decision was made to better prepare the campus for active shooter or other deadly force situations. By CS Staff · February 21, 2017

This summer’s 2017 Campus Safety Conferences offer two full days of K-12 and higher ed safety education, including expert forums, in-depth conference sessions, training workshops, hands-on training and multiple networking opportunities. By CS Staff · February 14, 2017

The heroes program honors the people who help make our campuses safer. By Zach Winn · February 10, 2017

There are multiple theories for why campuses are being targeted. By Rick Amweg and Paul Denton · February 07, 2017

Students have received concerning emails ever since the event was shut down by protesters. By CS Staff · February 06, 2017

President Donald Trump criticized UC Berkeley for cancelling the event and threatened to pull the university's federal funding. By CS Staff · February 03, 2017

Different definitions, a wide variety of terrorist motivations and changing tactics make addressing terrorism a challenge. Here’s a look at the current status of the terrorism threat at institutions of higher education. By Rick Amweg and Paul Denton · February 01, 2017

The shooting is still being investigated by campus police. By CS Staff · January 26, 2017

The shooter has claimed he was acting in self defense and an investigation is ongoing. By Zach Winn · January 23, 2017

Hordes of Donald Trump supporters and protesters will be in the area for Inauguration Day. By CS Staff · January 18, 2017