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Managing Access Control and Video Surveillance Maintenance

Robin Hattersley Gray · April 04, 2016
Here's an overview of these challenges and some possible solutions that security equipment manufacturers and integrators can provide.
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Robin Hattersley Gray · February 24, 2017
CSUN uses video analytics to identify incidents as they happen and has reduced grand theft auto by 60 percent.

CS Staff · January 17, 2017
The video shows an intruder attempting to gain entry into a building for four minutes.

CS Staff · January 05, 2017
The officer shot an armed student who was making threats.

CS Staff · January 04, 2017
Police are investigating the footage of the incident to determine if inappropriate force was used.

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Campus Safety has run several videos over the last year that have been a hit with our audience.

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In this video, we hear about some of Bentley University's sexual assault policies.

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The school bus company will invest in a complaint management system, a video surveillance system and a new executive safety position.

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The powerful new ad shows common signs displayed by a potential school shooter.

CS Staff · November 20, 2016
The student was shot in the leg and is expected to fully recover.

Robin Hattersley Gray · November 08, 2016
Here are some effective ways you can keep kids safe when they are online or using technology.