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Security Technology

Top Story

Campus Safety’s Top 10 School Security Studies of 2016

Robin Hattersley Gray · December 29, 2016
Here are the 10 most compelling research studies CS covered this past year.
Latest in Security Technology

March 17, 2017
Top Trends in Lockdowns & Access Control

CS Staff · March 08, 2017
Do you know an officer, administrator, teacher, clinician, vendor or someone else who helps to make their campus safe and secure? We want to hear about them!

CS Staff · March 03, 2017
Campus environments that develop and implement strict, consistent specifications will improve safety and cut costs.

CS Staff · February 27, 2017
This slideshow shows the security system integrations at Sainte-Justine Children's Hospital.

CS Staff · February 24, 2017
Maximize the efficiency and emergency preparedness of your campus with an all-in-one platform.

CS Staff · February 20, 2017
The hacker is believed to be financially motivated.

Zach Winn · February 16, 2017
If deployed correctly, metal detectors can go a long way in making your campus environment safer.

CS Staff · February 15, 2017
The security upgrade mitigated theft on campus and has helped with security investigations.

Brad Konkle · February 13, 2017
This relatively new access control technology can improve the security and efficiency of your school if it's used correctly.

Robert J. Dunbar · February 09, 2017
Automating the cash management process at your institution can reduce the risk of theft, robbery and human error.