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Buying an Emergency Alert System: Emergency Managers Reflect

Robin Hattersley Gray ·
Schools and colleges everywhere are considering purchasing an emergency alert system. There are various means to establish emergency broadcasts on campus, including using emergency alert apps that give…
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James Marcella · April 27, 2017
Schools can simplify their decision criteria, improve their communications and reduce costs by focusing on a common infrastructure.

Anna Porteus · April 25, 2017
Severe weather safety starts with detection and emergency communications. Severe weather alerts should be specific and brief.

CS Staff · April 13, 2017
The city's sirens were hacked through radio frequencies, not a computer network.

Zach Winn · April 13, 2017
Emergency preparedness was not on many college's radar before the Virginia Tech shooting. We look back at how the emergency management industry has changed since April 16, 2007.

CS Staff · March 17, 2017
Almost all adults and even children as young as 10 have cellphones – why not take advantage of the devices they already look at every day and take your safety plans mobile?

Lt. John Weinstein · March 13, 2017
These strategies will improve your response to an active shooter or other attack to help mitigate death and injuries on your campus.

Lt. John Weinstein · March 13, 2017
Here's a simple list to help you improve your active shooter response plans.

CS Staff · March 08, 2017
Induced and natural earthquakes are forecast to be hundreds of times more likely than before 2008.

CS Staff · March 08, 2017
Do you know an officer, administrator, teacher, clinician, vendor or someone else who helps to make their campus safe and secure? We want to hear about them!

CS Staff · March 03, 2017
Campus environments that develop and implement strict, consistent specifications will improve safety and cut costs.