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Lafayette General Updates Security With Surgical Precision

Deborah O’Mara · September 24, 2014
This ever-expanding Louisiana-based hospital has relied on its integrator to keep its electronic security technology current, including a recent project with 100 cameras and 25 card readers.
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CS Staff · December 19, 2014
The family of a patient who went missing for two weeks only to be found dead in a hospital stairwell will receive a $3 million settlement from the city of San Francisco and the University of California.

CS Staff · December 18, 2014
Submit your nomination for the 8th annual Campus Safety Director of the Year awards program TODAY!

Robin Hattersley Gray · December 17, 2014
Sender wants Clay County Hospital to pay a ransom to prevent health information from being released to the public.

CS Staff · December 17, 2014
A psychiatric patient who did not receive much needed emergency care slipped past security and into a running ambulance at University of Alberta Hospital last month.

CS Staff · December 10, 2014
An ER patient at Deaconess Hospital attacked two nurses and a security officer with a knife, severely injuring the officer.

CS Staff · December 10, 2014
A psychiatric patient at Penticton Regional Hospital broke a doctor’s jaw and knocked him unconscious during a routine interview.

CS Staff · December 10, 2014
An employee has been dismissed from University Hospitals in Cleveland after it was discovered that the employee improperly viewed electronic medical records containing the personal information of hundreds of patients.

CS Staff · December 08, 2014
Security at a New Mexico hospital discovered a nurse unconscious in a hospital bathroom during his shift with a syringe in his arm.

CS Staff · December 05, 2014
A contractor with the healthcare provider stole computers and other equipment using a security pass he kept for months after his work with the company ended.

CS Staff · December 03, 2014
A security officer with UCMC approached a suspicious man in the facility’s parking garage. The man pulled out a gun before fleeing the scene.