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How to Create a Successful Patient Watch Program

Ken Bukowski · April 22, 2016
Appropriate staffing, training, collaboration and contract language are just some of the steps that will ensure the safety of patients, clinicians and security officers.
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CS Staff · May 27, 2016
The man allegedly kicked a pregnant woman as a hospital security officer had him in a bear hug.

CS Staff · May 26, 2016
Patient data wasn't compromised in the attack and daily operations at the hospital were able to continue.

CS Staff · May 26, 2016
When colleges enlist the help of a trusted integrator to implement protective measures, they can improve security while safeguarding personal information.

Andy Altizer · May 25, 2016
Here are some ways to improve performance when responding to emergencies.

CS Staff · May 20, 2016
New study also finds that nearly three in four women physicians perceive on-the-job gender bias.

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 20, 2016
Hospitals reported a 68 percent decrease in violent crime last year.

CS Staff · May 19, 2016
The man was charged with four misdemeanors and a violation.

CS Staff · May 19, 2016
The elderly patient died two days after an altercation with the officers.

Dale Tesch · May 19, 2016
IP cameras are just as vulnerable to cyberattacks as any other networked device. Here are three mandatory steps that will eliminate network security weaknesses.

Mark Clifton · May 13, 2016
Iris recognition is increasingly being adopted for its accuracy and ease of use.