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How the University of Georgia Embraces ‘Stop the Bleed’

Steve Harris and Dan Silk · December 07, 2016
UGA and its local public safety agencies are taking part in this national campaign, which encourages greater awareness of straightforward first aid strategies.
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Janette Andler · April 24, 2017
Hospital security departments should choose a visitor management system that can integrate security systems in a way that maintains hospital security and patient satisfaction.

CS Staff · April 24, 2017
The man allegedly pointed a gun at a security officer before the shooting.

Robin Hattersley Gray · April 20, 2017
Keeping an open mind will improve campus security because we will be less inclinded to ignore or explain away critical threats and evidence.

CS Staff · April 19, 2017
Benefis Health System Dr. Michael Dube's home was burned down by former patient David Delbert Herron. Police say Herron blamed Dube for back pain after Dube performed a surgery on him in the 1990's.

CS Staff · April 19, 2017
Jay Thomas Cantrell's hospital escape caused alarm in the community around Muri Stein Hospital. Inmate hospital escapes are an unfortunately common occurrence when dealing with forensic patients.

Bob Stockwell · April 17, 2017
Don't let the complex processes of a merger compromise your campus security systems.

Zach Winn · April 12, 2017
We asked officials from four companies about the most common mistakes customers make when selecting a vendor.

CS Staff · April 10, 2017
A man was holding a BB gun on St. Ann's campus and ignoring police orders to drop the weapon.

CS Staff · April 07, 2017
Why doing nothing to solve your physical identity and access management challenges is an easy but ultimately costly strategy.

CS Staff · April 07, 2017
Our access control participants didn't hold back when asked to comment on their campus's successes and failures.