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Hospital Pays $1.1M to Settle Body Cavity Search Lawsuit

CS Staff · July 09, 2014
Border patrol agents requested the search by the University Medical Center of El Paso after a previous search turned up nothing.
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CS Staff · September 17, 2014
Hospital employee accused of illegally distributing paperwork containing patient names, DOBs and Social Security numbers.

CS Staff · September 16, 2014
Panel denies employee’s claims of discrimination and rules hospital was within its right to terminate the 25-year employee over incident with a psychiatric patient.

CS Staff · September 10, 2014
An attorney for John Giacalone believes authorities 'jumped the gun' when charging the security guard with sexual assault charges.

CS Staff · September 10, 2014
Brookdale Hospital officials ‘absolutely disagree’ with OSHA’s findings.

CS Staff · September 09, 2014
Enterovirus D68’s initially looks like the common cold but can lead to severe respiratory symptoms.

CS Staff · September 09, 2014
Hospital, school and university security and law enforcement professionals who participate will be entered into a drawing to win a gift card.

CS Staff · September 06, 2014
Local schools were forced to go into lockdown as police searched for the inmate.

CS Staff · September 05, 2014
Santeeno Grant threatened to shoot his Capital Health Regional Medical Center coworker after the two got into a heated argument at the hospital.

Josh Gordon · September 04, 2014
Check out some of the reasons why you do -- or don't -- buy new electronic security solutions.

CS Staff · September 03, 2014
Campus Safety magazine is pleased to announce that we are now accepting nominations for the 8th annual Campus Safety Director of the Year awards program.