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How to Keep Patient Watches from Eroding Your Hospital Public Safety Department

Dave Corbin · January 05, 2015
Assistants could help ease the workload of security officers monitoring behavioral health, violent or intoxicated patients.
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Jim Stankevich · January 28, 2015
This hospital’s software upgrade centralizes security across all locations for consistent database management and fluid procedures.

Robin Hattersley Gray ·
Backup power is critical to the continued operation of campuses during an emergency. Testing and proper location will ensure your generators will work when you need them.

Jermaine Galloway · January 26, 2015
This drug has a THC level of 60%-80% and is growing in popularity. Additionally, its method of production has led to explosions, which have caused injuries and deaths.

CS Staff · January 21, 2015
A mental health worker accused of endangering a patient at Putnam Hospital Center has been acquitted on all charges.

CS Staff · January 21, 2015
A teenage boy who walked the halls of St. Mary’s Medical Center dressed as a doctor is suffering from an undiagnosed illness and refuses to take medication, according to his mother.

CS Staff · January 20, 2015
Suspect asked for cardiologist by name.

CS Staff · January 12, 2015
Join SafePlans and Status Solutions on Jan. 29 for a free webinar that will show you how to improve your hospital, school or university’s response to emergencies.

CS Staff · January 08, 2015
Shooter had previously threatened victim at a local grocery store.

CS Staff · January 08, 2015
Currently, only four states require armed security officers to undergo mental health screenings.

CS Staff · January 07, 2015
A doctor was killed and the gunman took his own life.