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How to Create a Successful Patient Watch Program

Ken Bukowski · April 22, 2016
Appropriate staffing, training, collaboration and contract language are just some of the steps that will ensure the safety of patients, clinicians and security officers.
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CS Staff · July 21, 2016
A trusted security integrator can help you address the concerns of your internal customers, including top executives, nurses, behavioral health staff and more.

Robin Hattersley Gray · July 19, 2016
IAHSS Immediate Past President David LaRose describes how hospital protection professional can embrace these guidelines while improving security and safety.

CS Staff · July 18, 2016
Police say the shooting appears to be completely random.

CS Staff · July 15, 2016
The agreement also calls for the creation of PHI policies and a corrective action plan.

CS Staff · July 13, 2016
Half of all doctors in the investigation that were accused of sexual misconduct with patients have active medical licenses.

CS Staff · July 12, 2016
The footage is evaluated in real time to improve staff performance.

Bob Stockwell · July 12, 2016
Sometimes security personnel unknowingly disconnect older devices like cameras from their network during security upgrades.

Paul Terschuren · July 06, 2016
Mobile functionality in visitor management systems allow security managers to register new visitors and connect with a central visitor management location from anywhere.

CS Staff · July 04, 2016
Here are some comments and advice provided by Campus Safety magazine’s video surveillance survey participants.

CS Staff · July 01, 2016
Each year the conference brings experts together to address security concerns in the healthcare industry.