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How to Keep Patient Watches from Eroding Your Hospital Public Safety Department

Dave Corbin · January 05, 2015
Assistants could help ease the workload of security officers monitoring behavioral health, violent or intoxicated patients.
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CS Staff · February 25, 2015
HIPAA regulations have been broadened to cover associates of healthcare companies, a move that impacts many businesses.

CS Staff · February 25, 2015
A 37-year-old psychiatric patient grabbed a UPMC staffer by her throat and slammed her into a wall. The hospital pledged security improvements three years ago after several attacks.

CS Staff · February 25, 2015
A young woman is suing a Seattle hospital for not providing better protection after she claims she was sexually assaulted while in its care in 2009. The hospital faced a similar accusation in the past.

Paul Hughes · February 23, 2015
Here’s why you should weigh the hidden ambitions and drives that motivate the hopeful candidate sitting across the interviewing table and how Jungian archetypes can help you make better hiring decisions.

CS Staff · February 20, 2015
Medical companies have begun deploying biometrics systems as part of their cybersecurity measures.

CS Staff · February 18, 2015
The Hawaiian healthcare facility in in the process of improving its security measures following a facility-wide assessment, starting with its obstetrics ward.

CS Staff · February 18, 2015
UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest and Palomar Medical Center in San Diego will have to pay thousands of dollars in fines after two patients died due to safety failures at the hospitals.

CS Staff · February 16, 2015
International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety 47th annual conference will take place in St. Louis May 3-9.

CS Staff · February 10, 2015
University of California students and employees are among those affected by a recent cyber attack on Anthem Inc., the second largest health insurer in the U.S.

Lori Greene · February 10, 2015
This primer will help to ensure your school, university or hospital selects door security solutions that also comply with fire protection and accessibility codes.