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Hospital Pays $1.1M to Settle Body Cavity Search Lawsuit

CS Staff · July 09, 2014
Border patrol agents requested the search by the University Medical Center of El Paso after a previous search turned up nothing.
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CS Staff · August 29, 2014
A pediatric nurse for Kaiser Permanente, has been charged with sexual exploitation of a child for allegedly sexually assaulting a 2-month-old premature foster baby who was placed in his care.

CS Staff · August 27, 2014
The three-year-old girl was leaving the hospital with her family when a golf cart being driven by a security guard hit the child.

CS Staff · August 27, 2014
Northern Virginia Community College Police Chief Daniel Dusseau wins the education category, and Barnes-Jewish Hospital Director of Public Safety Margie Brine wins the healthcare category.

CS Staff · August 27, 2014
Woman wore nurse's uniform and had diaper bag at Mercy Medical Center Merced.

Ashley Willis · August 23, 2014
Here are a few warning signs of violence public safety officials should look out for in adults.

Ashley Willis · August 22, 2014
Stephen C. Satterly, Jr., presented tips to help campus officials look out for behavioral warning signs in students and how to address the signs during the 2014 Campus Safety Conference.

Robin Hattersley Gray · August 20, 2014
Here’s how one Michigan healthcare organization overcame a scandal to win the IAHSS Lindberg Bell award.

August 19, 2014
A mechanical key system serves as the foundation of a fully realized campus safety and security program, and therefore should not be overlooked when security upgrades are considered.

CS Staff · August 18, 2014
The information obtained includes Community Health System's patient names, Social Security numbers, physical addresses, birthdays and phone numbers.

CS Staff · August 16, 2014
The rollout will commence with the five largest hospitals in the system.