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Lafayette General Updates Security With Surgical Precision

Deborah O’Mara · September 24, 2014
This ever-expanding Louisiana-based hospital has relied on its integrator to keep its electronic security technology current, including a recent project with 100 cameras and 25 card readers.
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CS Staff · November 25, 2014
This is the second time in three weeks a forensic patient has escaped from a hospital in Kitchener.

CS Staff · November 25, 2014
The consent judgment alleges the facility failed to protect the personal and protected health information of nearly 4,000 patients and employees.

CS Staff · November 24, 2014
U.S. Attorney’s Office is charging a former hospital employee and her partner with stealing the personal information of more than 1,000 patients for tax fraud.

Lt. John Weinstein · November 24, 2014
A campus security agency embarking on an armed program has to worry about a lot more than officers being able to meet state-mandated minimum qualification scores.

CS Staff · November 21, 2014
The latest hospital attack in China left six nurses and one administrator dead.

CS Staff · November 21, 2014
A Texas man is being charged with biting a hospital security guard and hitting his girlfriend, who was recovering after giving birth.

CS Staff · November 21, 2014
A Boston doctor was allegedly robbed of his laptop and cellphone, which had patient information on them.

CS Staff · November 19, 2014
The University of Nebraska Medical Center is seeking money from the United States government to cover the cost for Ebola patients' treatment.

Jason Knott · November 13, 2014
Weather alerts, environmental alerts and food service monitoring are just a few of the unconventional ways campuses are using their panic alarm technology.

CS Staff · November 12, 2014
California Nurses took part in a two-day strike to protest the handling of Ebola patients and the need for better equipment and training.