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Announcing the Fab 14 Campus Safety Director of the Year Finalists!

Robin Hattersley Gray · March 05, 2015
Check out this year’s Director of the Year finalists and the effective methods they use to run their hospital, school and university security, technology and public safety operations.
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CS Staff · March 27, 2015
A man's escape from a hospital and eventual capture prompted some residents and lawmakers to question hospital security.

Robin Hattersley Gray · March 26, 2015
Despite the seemingly constant stream of bad news we get from the media, we must remember that the overwhelming majority of students, patients, faculty, staff and visitors on campus aren’t murderers, thieves or rapists.

CS Staff · March 24, 2015
A Wisconsin manhunt came to an end Monday when police located a man they say abducted a hospital employee.

CS Staff · March 23, 2015
A man was found stealing syringes and discarded hospital vials from St. John Medical Center in Tulsa on March 16.

CS Staff · March 23, 2015
A man is in police custody after a woman was stabbed to death while visiting a family member inside the Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Illinois.

Brad Spicer · March 20, 2015
Know the signs of an individual who might act out immediately - or weeks or years from now - so you can address student, teacher and staff challenges, as well as prevent violence on campus.

CS Staff · March 20, 2015
A hospital in Pennsylvania has adopted Hugs Wi-Fi Infant Protection, which improves hospital security by monitoring newborn babies.

CS Staff · March 19, 2015
A man was found to have a loaded Sig Sauer P250 pistol, two hunting knives and 57 rounds of ammunition after being searched in a Memphis hospital. His daughter was being treated for a brain tumor at the hospital.

CS Staff · March 18, 2015
A former University of Michigan Health System employee was allegedly found with thousands of images of child pornography on his home computer earlier this year.

CS Staff · March 18, 2015
A women who was New Hampshire's first transgender lawmaker admitted to calling in a February 27 bomb threat at a New Hampshire hospital.