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How to Help Smart Hospitals, Schools, and Universities Prepare for the Unexpected

August 07, 2015
From civil unrest to winter storms and hurricanes, emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. How can your campus be prepared for an unknown crisis?
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CS Staff · August 28, 2015
The man, who was being treated at Marymount Hospital, assaulted three police officers and two nurses.

CS Staff · August 27, 2015
Michael Majette walked out of a bathroom to evade police then was recaptured after a day on the run.

Robin Hattersley Gray · August 24, 2015
Here are some best practices to consider, as well as common mistakes to avoid, when deploying duress systems.

CS Staff · August 21, 2015
David Orosco Garcia was able to leave the hospital he was being treated at following his arrest.

Robin Hattersley Gray · August 19, 2015
Best practices to protect patients or students who may wander off campus and put themselves in danger.

CS Staff · August 14, 2015
The helicopter came within 20 feet of the drone around 1 p.m. August 12.

CS Staff · August 14, 2015
The hospital will have both private and state guards working on campus for now.

CS Staff · August 13, 2015
Swift County-Benson Hospital is making upgrades, additions and changes to its video surveillance system.

CS Staff · August 12, 2015
St. Peter health programs experienced 173 assaults on hospital staff last year.

CS Staff · August 11, 2015
Philip Whitaker suffered a severe head injury and died after a hospital security guard threw him to the ground August 7.