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McCaskill to Deliver Keynote at Campus Safety National Forum

CS Staff · April 30, 2015
Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) will speak on college campus sexual violence at the National Forum June 25.
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CS Staff · May 22, 2015
Police in Ontario aren’t releasing any information after killing a man in a hospital waiting room on May 20. Patient safety was a concern as some witnesses said an angry man was in the emergency room with a knife. The hospital's security was announced later by the Special Investigations Unit and the emergency room is now open.

CS Staff · May 20, 2015
A 63-year-old man struck a hospital security worker in the chest with an IV pole after nurses found drugs on him.

CS Staff · May 19, 2015
A judge found that the Rocky Mountain Eye Center in Montana wrongfully claimed an HIPAA violation when firing an employee.

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 19, 2015
Driving your security program with data will ensure it is properly supported by hospital executives and other stakeholders.

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 19, 2015
Workplace violence in medical occupations accounts for more than 10 percent of all workplace violence incidents in the United States.

CS Staff · May 14, 2015
Report says the solutions that will experience the greatest increase include iris image and voice recognition.

George J. Tanber · May 14, 2015
Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New York and Ohio are the states that have school districts with security window film installed.

CS Staff · May 13, 2015
The Campus Safety conference in Chicago will be split up into three tracks designed to serve the needs of security professionals in different fields: K-12, higher education and hospitals.

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 13, 2015
Awards were presented to officers who acted heroically to save lives, as well as members of the healthcare security community who have worked to advance the hospital protection field through the IAHSS.

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 13, 2015
Director of the Year finalist William Adcox describes how his police department was able to triple early intervention reporting in only two years.