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Rodney Bosch · March 28, 2017
ISC West is an annual security conference that features educational offerings, networking events and thousands of vendor exhibitions.

CS Staff · October 07, 2016
Check out these solutions to your campus public safety, security, emergency and fire/life safety challenges.

CS Staff · July 07, 2015
This year's Campus Safety BEST award winners were announced at the Campus Safety National Forum on June 24.

CS Staff · June 03, 2015
Find out who the winners are on Wednesday, June 24 at 5 p.m. at the Campus Safety National Forum in Washington, D.C.

CS Staff · September 01, 2014
Linking students, faculty and staff to campus security with a single button push, NPSI's Campus Shield is the only mobile personal duress system with proven 100% campus coverage 24/7. In a basement lab, 8th floor dorm room, or secluded wooded path, Campus Shield is accurate and reliable when seconds count.

CS Staff · September 01, 2014
The Social Sentinel™ service for higher education puts your safety team at arm's reach of your community, automating the assessment of publicly available social media for signs of violence and harm, and placing your safety and security information and access to help literally in the palms of their hands.

CS Staff · September 01, 2014
The Social Sentinel™ service for K12 educators helps district safety and security officials better protect their communities by improving awareness and management of threats of potential violence, self-harm, or harm waged against students, staff, or school buildings shared on publicly available social media sites.

CS Staff · September 01, 2014
The Social Sentinel™ safety app puts your safety team within arm's reach of your community. Whether making safety information easily accessible; accepting tips; sending push notifications; or helping your community access a trusted "follow me" friend to ensure a safe walk home, your campus app is there to help.

CS Staff · September 01, 2014
3M Automatic License Plate Recognition helps deter crime and enable faster response to campus incidents. Large or small, every campus is unique and 3M is dedicated to solving the individual challenges facing your campus security initiatives — whether you're located in a big city or a small rural community.

CS Staff · September 01, 2014
The hemispheric MOBOTIX Q25 delivers 180-degree panorama images, using a single camera to secure an entire room with no blind spots for a better overview than several individual cameras. It offers a digital continuous pan, tilt, zoom functionality. Unlike conventional PTZ cameras, the robust Q25 has no moving parts and is thus regarded as maintenance-free.