Spotlight on: Campus Safety Conference

The Campus Safety Conference is a 2-day intense conference for administrators and public safety officials, security and law enforcement executives from all over the country looking for solutions to campus safety, security, emergency management and technology challenges.

Top 5 Mistakes Agencies Make When Choosing a Campus Safety Software Vendor

Be sure to avoid these 5 common mistakes as you research your vendor options.

Mistake #1: Not understanding the vendor’s upgrade process
Questions to ask a potential vendor:  Do we have to pay for upgrades and enhancements? Do upgrades include all future upgrades, or just ‘in-version’ upgrades? How many versions mature is your software?

Mistake #2: Failing to purchase a flexible software system that can be tailored to meet all of your agency’s needs
Questions to ask a potential vendor:  Can your software be customized through modules, system parameters, and interfaces? Can we expand the system as our agency grows or our needs change? Can you provide references for those customers that needed significant customization?

Mistake #3: Investing in a software system but not receiving the training needed to use it effectively
Questions to ask a potential vendor: What training and customer support do you provide? Are there opportunities to share best practices with other customers?

Mistake #4: Purchasing software only to: A) have the vendor go out of business, B) have the vendor discontinue the product line, or C) find out the vendor was incapable of meeting the demands of the agency.
Questions to ask a potential vendor: How long have you been in business, and how many customers do you have? Do you focus exclusively on public safety software, or do you allocate funds and research to other types of projects?

Mistake #5: Implementing a software system that does not allow you to share data within your agency or between jurisdictions
Questions to ask a potential vendor: Will the software allow users from multiple departments within my agency to access accurate, real-time data? Can we exchange critical information with other jurisdictions or disciplines without compromising data security? Is the information between modules or agencies dependent upon any form of interface?

Company Profile
Company Name: Spillman Technologies
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Customers: Serves more than 1,700 public safety agencies nationwide
Year Founded: 1982
Products Offered: Integrated software including CAD, RMS, Mobile Data & Field Reporting, Mapping & GIS, CompStat & Intelligence-Led Policing, JMS, Fire, Data Sharing, and Personnel & Resources

Spillman Technologies serves more than 1,700 sheriff’s offices, police departments, communication centers, correctional facilities, and fire departments nationwide. Spillman specializes in integrated on-premises and cloud software solutions, including Computer-Aided Dispatch, Records Management Systems, Mobile Data & Field Reporting, Mapping & GIS, Jail Management Systems, Fire, Data Sharing, Personnel & Resources, and Analytics & Intelligence-Led Policing.

To learn more about Spillman’s campus safety software products, visit http://info.spillman.com/campus-safety.

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