How to Utilize Technology to Lead Strategic Change in Healthcare Security

Quantum Secure hosts a discussion of how security is uniquely positioned to become a strategic partner to key stakeholders and lead the way to organizational transformation.

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As the needs and goals of today’s healthcare organizations change, the security department can no longer operate in a silo. Instead, security departments must align with core organizational goals and develop value for and partnerships with key stakeholders across their organization.

While changing security’s role sounds easy on paper, how does one make such a huge cultural shift? The answer lies in leveraging identity management technology. This type of technology provides the greatest opportunity to become a valuable strategic leader in your healthcare organization.

This free webcast provides an inside look at:

  • Security’s role in meeting today’s healthcare organizations’ needs
  • How to ensure security policy enforcement is part of organizational business goals
  • Why technology is the key to changing security’s role within the organization
  • Real world use cases demonstrating how healthcare organizations are utilizing technology to bring value to their organization

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Guest Speakers: 

Janette Andler, Senior Director, Strategic Sales, Quantum Secure Inc., part of HID Global

Cliff Brennan, Regional Sales Director, Quantum Secure Inc., part of HID Global

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