Integrating Visitor Management into HealthCare Security and Safety

Listen to this previously live webcast from June 15th as we discuss the importance of having a visitor management system in place on your campus to ensure safety and security.

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How will HealthCare facilities mitigate concerns that open campuses introduce to staff, patients, information, and assets with regard to unmanaged movement of visitors and the risks that unencumbered movement presents?

Sitting in a safety discussion with the nursing staff of a hospital facility without a robust visitor management program is like walking into a bull ring carrying a red cape.  With Work Place Violence (WPV) assaults in Health Care accounting for two times more reported incidents than all other industry combined, nurses are looking for solutions to incidents that can be mitigated.  Yet, they must to consider that their patients want their loved ones near as part of the whole healing experience.  How do the seemingly diverse objectives merge into a safe, yet “patient first” solution?

With regulatory agencies and legislation stepping in to address hospital security of patient information, provision of a “Safe Culture”, and accountability for the patient and family experience, management of visitor movement in health care facilities is front and center.

Join our webinar with HealthCare Physical Security Director Don Wright to look at Visitor Management in health care:

• What is the “Risk” associated with unencumbered and/or accounted for visitor movement?
• How should Visitor Management be packaged and partitioned within an enterprise?
• What governance and policies should undergird an effective Visitor Management program?
• How can a previously open facility socialize Visitor Management internally and with its patients?
• Who will own, pay for, and staff the Visitor Management solutions within Healthcare?

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