Attend this webinar to learn more about taking a multi-hazard approach to address all situations and how to include it in your safety plans.

By understanding and including this approach, along with what is allowed under FERPA, you will reduce your campus(es)’ liability and avoid possible fines and lawsuits.

What we’ll cover in this webinar:

  • Critical considerations when preparing for today’s active threats
  • Understanding what is allowed to be shared under FERPA laws in regard to security and safety
  • The importance of using an all-hazards approach
  • Putting it all together to reduce your organization’s liability

About Our Guest Speaker
Gary L. Sigrist, Jr., is a nationally known speaker, consultant, author and expert on emergency preparedness. His career spans more than 30 years as an educator, administrator and police officer. Gary’s background in both education and law enforcement gives him a unique perspective on safety and preparedness, which he brings to his work with clients of Safeguard Risk Solutions.

Gary is a certified Department of Homeland Security trainer for both the Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response (LASER) and Screening of Persons through Observational Techniques (SPOT) organizations. He continues to present at school safety conferences across the country on the topics of emergency preparedness and teaching schools how to build relationships with their first responders.