How Unarmed Security Officers Can Respond to Active Killer Situations

View the archive today from CS’ June 16th webcast to hear from industry expert Chief Lopez on ways unarmed security can provide lifesaving assistance in the event of an active killer event.

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While many colleges and universities have armed police or security officers, a large number have only unarmed security, or have some unarmed security that augment their armed staff.  When it comes to training for active killer incidents, unarmed security personnel are sometimes ignored or told that there isn’t much they can do since they don’t have firearms to use to address a deadly threat.

This webinar will discuss ways that unarmed security can provide lifesaving assistance in the event of an active killer event.  It will cover how to recognize warning language that might be reported to them in advance of an attack, what to do if the security staff is the target of the attack, and how they can help other people in the vicinity of an attack.

In addition, the webinar will discuss the vital role security staff can play in reducing the response time of police and emergency medical personnel.  Saving time in these instances can save lives, and security personnel can make a significant difference in getting first responders to the right location quickly upon arrival.

Other material to be addressed will include:

  • How to position yourself to offer maximum protection while monitoring an area
  • How to quickly treat the highest risks to life from traumatic injuries
  • How to establish a casualty collection point
  • Things to discuss with first responders BEFORE an attack takes place

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