How We Prepared Thousands of K-12 Schools to Face Any School Emergency With Confidence

School staff can experience extreme stress reactions during a crisis that can affect the outcome of the entire event. Learn how schools everywhere are preparing their staff for all hazards without putting them in danger or increasing anxiety. Watch the archived webcast today!

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Schools today face the difficult task of preparing their staff and students for the worst. Sometimes, this can do more harm than good when untested and dangerous training programs are used. On the other hand, training that does not simulate the stress of a crisis can be ineffective and fail to gain traction. Have you ever heard the following comments from your staff?

“There is just too much to prepare for. It is impossible to prepare for everything and I just don’t know what to do.”

“We have done a lot of training on this, but now I worry that we are helpless because the drill was so overwhelming.”

In this interactive webinar, learn the simple techniques that you can use every day to prepare your school for any crisis. You’ll learn an entire school was able to lock down in 7 seconds when an active shooter showed up on their campus – and how you can prepare your staff in the same way.

Learn the following topics based on training used by several state departments of education and dozens of school districts around the country:

  • How to give your staff permission to live
  • How to harness the power of the “Window Of Life” to aid in crisis decision making in split-second emergencies
  • Learn how to train your staff to respond to any emergency, even the ones we haven’t even dreamed up yet

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Moderated By: Mark Smith, Director, EH Impact

Guest Speaker: Chris Dorn, Senior Analyst, Safe Havens International

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