Essential Elements of Effective Behavioral Threat Management Programs

Join us for another Educational Series Webcast on Thursday Sept. 29th at 2pm EST, to learn how to increase your understanding of the nature and process of targeted violence.

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Campus personnel from K-12 schools, higher ed, healthcare systems and corporate settings are increasingly involved in the assessment and management of persons who engage in threatening and volatile behaviors. Such persons can include current and former students or employees, those in current or former relationships with staff or students, contractors or vendors, as well as other persons not affiliated with the organization. These individuals can be highly disruptive both in the campus setting and in the community at large. Their behaviors may range from tactics of bullying and intimidation, to stalking and harassment, to acts of violence that devastate a school, campus, workplace, family or community. Incidents from around the world have underscored the ongoing need for collaborative and integrated strategies to prevent violence where possible, and to mitigate risk of harm where necessary.

This session will help participants to better understand dynamics of targeted violence; identify essential elements of effective programs to facilitate early identification, assessment, and intervention with concerning situations; and provide an overview of contemporary standards of care for violence prevention and intervention within campus communities.

By attending this webcast, you’ll walk away with the following:

1) An increased understanding of the nature and process of targeted violence.
2) An increased understanding of key components of effective multi-disciplinary approaches to threat assessment and management.
3) Enhance ability to apply threat management strategies in accordance with contemporary standards of practice

About the Presenter:

Gene Deisinger, Ph.D.
Managing Partner
SIGMA Threat Management Associates

Dr. Gene Deisinger is Managing Partner of SIGMA Threat Management Associates, a professional services firm that provides training & consulting services to a broad range of clients including educational institutions, governmental agencies, law enforcement & security agencies, corporations, healthcare institutions, and public figures. SIGMA helps clients identify, assess & manage threatening situations to mitigate risk for violence, and enhance their safety & well-being.

Dr. Deisinger served as Deputy Chief of Police & Director of Threat Management at Virginia Tech, recruited to that position following the 2007 mass casualty incident there.  Following his retirement from Virginia Tech in December 2014, Dr. Deisinger was retained as the Threat Management Consultant for the Virginia Center for School & Campus Safety, providing training and consultation for schools, campuses, government & law enforcement agencies across Virginia.

Dr. Deisinger earned his doctorate in psychology from Iowa State University. He is a licensed psychologist, a certified health service provider in psychology, and, until his retirement, a certified law enforcement officer.


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