Our nation’s academic institutions have been uniquely impacted by the pandemic. Leaders are navigating federal and state guidelines while balancing the needs of faculty, students and their families.

The new education relief package of over $130 billion is helping our nation’s schools resume operations and consider campus needs for long-term security and health. This presentation discusses how new technology can empower educators to deliver safer environments and improve campus health with a smart, layered approach.

Some challenges and opportunities addressed in the discussion include:

  • Providing a sense of well-being for students, faculty and staff who are reluctant to return to school campuses for fear of getting ill
  • Building resilient and flexible systems and processes to optimize operational continuity
  • How the current state of our nation presents opportunities for productive change and use of resources


  • Julie Brown, Institutional Market Leader
  • Cheryl Aquadro, K-12 Market Leader
  • Russ Garcia, Higher Education Market Leader
  • Craig Sharman, Director Federal Government Relations