Spotlight on HID Global’s ID Card Printing Solutions

HID Global has a full suite of printing and card issuance technologies encompassing the fastest retransfer printer on the market and revolutionary cloud-based ID card issuance solutions.

Spotlight on HID Global’s ID Card Printing Solutions

Within the realm of secure identity and access management, there are many challenges and security threats within the campus environment that HID Global addresses with its vast portfolio of products. Most everyone is aware that HID is the world leader with access credentials and readers, but HID’s Secure Issuance portfolio also has a full suite of printing and card issuance technologies encompassing the fastest retransfer printer on the market and revolutionary cloud-based ID card issuance solutions perfect for the Campus environment.

Tiffany Renz is HID Global’s senior manager of North American sales.

In her interview with Campus Safety, Tiffany Renz, who is HID’s senior manager of North American sales, highlights what HID Global can offer when it comes to ID card printing solutions.

CS: What is a product that your company would like to call out and what makes it special? How does it apply to healthcare facilities, schools and/or higher education security, public safety and/or emergency management?

TR: Built on six generations of proven retransfer technology, the HID® FARGO® HDP6600 ID card printer combines innovative, never-seen-before features and patent pending iON™ technology with unprecedented print speeds – making it the most advanced, efficient, and fastest desktop-based retransfer printer available on the market today.

It’s a great fit in the healthcare, higher education and campus environments where ID badges are being distributed daily. When combined with a powerful solution such as HID® FARGO® Connect, our cloud-based card issuance platform, the overall card issuance experience is vastly enhanced for all involved, from the operator to the student or staff receiving their card.

HID can also help improve the campus ID card issuance process when working remotely, in-turn elevating and ensuring a safe student or staff orientation experience.  Think rapid, easy and touch-free onboarding!

CS: What other products or offerings would you like to highlight, and what are some of their qualities and benefits?

TR: The HID FARGO Connect cloud-based card issuance platform is leveling up the on-boarding process for incoming students and healthcare professionals unlike anything else on the market today.

What makes HID FARGO Connect unique is its ability to securely issue credentials from anywhere within your campus or even the comfort of your couch while also providing real-time visibility of the entire issuance system to increase uptime and eliminate stress.

CS: How do your company and its offerings address the needs of hospitals, schools and/or universities?

TR: In a campus environment, an ID badge is a vital part of any security program.  More and more, hospitals and universities are realizing that by providing a positive issuance experience and building more value into that badge with extended uses makes it of even greater importance, and less likely to be lost or forgotten.

We offer a wide range of products that facilitate the design, creation, management and distribution of physical identity credentials. Our Secure Issuance Portfolio specifically fits the needs of colleges and universities, healthcare facilities and other campus environments.

We know that ID badges elevate security, allow for identity verification and make daily life simpler for your students or staff to perform their functions. They allow your students and staff to have an “identity” at your organization.

It’s important that your card program gives you the best results, from the onboarding process to the final product they will carry around for years to come.

CS: What else is new or noteworthy about your company for 2021?

TR: Our revolutionary INKjet technology in our newest HID® FARGO® INK1000 card printer. Ultra-reliable, low maintenance and less expensive than many standard card printers on the market today, the HID FARGO INK1000 features exclusive inkjet printing technology, eliminating the hassles of print ribbons or the need for specialized card media, as well as offering lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) around!  Great for staff and student IDs, visitor badges, event badges, temporary cards and more!

  1. A highly specialized thermal inkjet printer that has been specifically engineered to be compatible with standard, off-the-shelf PVC cards – an industry first!
  2. Less physical waste!
  3. More secure than ribbon-based printing!
  4. No ribbon issues!
  5. True “edge-to-edge” printing
  6. No expensive printheads to replace!

CS: What is your company’s overall value proposition to schools, universities and/or hospitals? Why should they do business with you?

TR: HID understands the complexities and security challenges that exist within the campus environment.  We bake student + staff + patient + visitor safety and compliance into your workflow through our vast portfolio of solutions.  We help optimize your operations with open architecture, integration capabilities, automated efficiency and choices.

A cookie cutter approach won’t work. You need choices in a campus and healthcare setting… multiple choices and paths forward that are supported by a single platform investment.

Lastly, we deliver positive experiences for your staff, your students and your visitors. No new solution is adopted when the experience is not simple and positive. Keep your workforce happy, enhance your reputation!

As an industry leader, HID’s Secure Issuance Portfolio brings you the latest printing and issuance technology, with some of the fastest printing speeds and cutting-edge technology on the market.

CS: Is there anything else you would like to add?

TR: From card printers to smart cards to managing digital identities on mobile devices, HID Global provides solutions spanning the entire lifecycle of trusted identities.

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