Read: Here’s a Bullying Prevention Strategy That Actually Works

Here’s a Bullying Prevention Strategy That Actually Works

This non-punitive bullying prevention program has shown to reduce the frequency of bullying in 88 percent of cases.

California Lawmakers Unveil Truancy Legislation

Each year, an estimated one million California elementary school students are truant, and 250,000 elementary school students miss 18 or more school days.

Student Absenteeism Spikes After Rollout of Transit Bus Program

High Profile Student Arrests Can Be Misleading

Schools must continue to be able to use court interventions in appropriate cases.

School Safety Complaints Prompt Removal of School Principal

Calif. District Monitors Problem Students With GPS Devices

Sleep and Student Safety: They are Related

Delayed class start times for teenagers can reduce safety incidents.

California Bill Proposes Jail Time for Parents of Truants

Chicago Schools Struggle to Re-admit Students With Criminal Pasts


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