Study Reveals Police Arrest Mostly Minorities at Calif. Schools

Black Preschool Students More Likely to Be Suspended Than Their Peers

Black students account for 42% of U.S. preschool students suspended once and 48% of students suspended more than once.

Christian County Public Schools to Decrease Frequency of Exclusionary Discipline

The U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights has reached an agreement with the Christian County Public Schools in Kentucky to improve the district’s disciplinary system so that all students will receive equitable treatment.

Lehigh U. Official Denies Racial Hostility Claims

Lehigh U. Faces Investigation Over Racial Hostility Allegations

San Jose State U. Students Accused of Racially Abusing Black Roommate

UCI Suspends Security Officer Accused of Anti-Semitic and Racist Behavior

U. of Alabama Seeks to Stop Segregated Sorority System

Chicago Hospital Sued for Alleged Racial Discrimination

Clery Act and Title IX Compliance Resources for Colleges

There have been several Clery Act and Title IX complaints filed against institutions of higher ed lately. The resources listed here can help your college comply with these laws.

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