Beware of Unauthorized Key Bumping

Key bumping is a lock-opening technique that has been used by locksmiths for more than 75 years but was mostly kept from public eyes and knowledge – until recently.

Read: Advancing Campus Access Control One Door at a Time

Advancing Campus Access Control One Door at a Time

Installing an access control system for future growth is everybit as important as making sure it is backwards compatible. Whetherdeploying standalone electronic locks, networked and/or integratedsystems, or high-level technology such as biometrics, campuses shouldadopt solutions that can accommodate their changing needs.

Read: Keyless in Kansas

Keyless in Kansas

An electronic access control system has enabled the Olathe (Kan.) Unified School District to eliminate the use of mechanical keys and simplify entry and exit management at the more than 50 buildings in its system.

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