Read: Women's Wear

Women's Wear

Law enforcement often seems like a man’s world, but there are gear and apparel options available specifically for female officers if you know where to look.

Feds Sue First Choice Armor for Selling Zylon Vests to Police


Read: Serving In Style

Serving In Style

Being over-dressed or under-dressed is a concern facing many in the American culture – both can be considered taboo, depending on the setting. Campus law enforcement management also faces this dilemma and must take into consideration several factors to determine the most appropriate style of dress for their officers.

Read: Extreme Makeover: Hospital Edition

Extreme Makeover: Hospital Edition

Forsyth Medical Center’s Director of Public Safety Tony Potter describes the impressive overhaul his department has undergone to address the facility’s expansion plans and evolving security concerns.

Read: Outfitting the Troops

Outfitting the Troops

Casual dress has made significant inroads in American culture and fashion, begging the question: Is it acceptable for campus safety officers to dress down?

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