Security Cameras Get Glowing Reviews from Campus Users

Campus security pros gave us countless stories demonstrating the value of their video surveillance systems.

Medical Emergencies

  • “A student who is a severe diabetic misplaced her insulin pump during gym class. We were able to use our new Avigilon camera system to track her movements and quickly discover where she left the pump, and who picked it up. The pump was returned before the situation turned into a medical emergency.”
  • “Obtain eyewitness information (from the video) about medical emergencies such as slip, trip and fall accidents. Video of a student having a seizure, pre, during and post seizure.”

Residence Hall Security

  • “A number of crimes have been solved using video surveillance. Each residence hall entry and exit is covered by video surveillance and almost all malicious fire alarm pulls caught on camera have resulted in arrest of the offender. In addition, they provide real-time situational awareness for officer safety and current conditions.”
  • “Video in areas like the dorms and recreation center have been instrumental is solving some crimes.”
  • “Within months of installing the cameras into the newest dorm on campus, which was built a year before the cameras were installed, we had two assaults/batteries and a theft from a room. With the now-in-place cameras, we were able to identify all parties involved and piece together a timeline for each case. One offender, after hearing what we had seen on camera, changed his story several times.”
  • “Our Avigilon cameras have made the identification/prosecution easier with good quality pictures, making identification of suspect(s) and vehicle(s) much easier.”
  • “Solve ‘hit-and-run’ accidents on monitored parking lots by identifying the striking vehicle and driver.”

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  • “We added three new high-zoom and high-res IP cameras at the entrances and exits of our parking structure to have a better view of license plates. This was after we have had several hit- and-run events where the old outdated cameras were not able to make out the license plates.”
  • “Vehicle theft has decreased significantly.”

Weather Emergencies

  • “Just in the past week here in the Northeast we were able to monitor roadway conditions (with the snow), parking lots and any damages that occurred.”


  • “We were able to determine (in a building where a stabbing had occurred) that a suspect was still in the building (based on the description given by the 911 caller). We reviewed the footage and no individuals matching the description left the building between the time of the call and when officers arrived. This was relayed to officers in the field, who proceeded to do a room-to-room search and located the suspect hiding in one of the rooms.”

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