NASTEC Partners with Beverly Hills Unified School District to Provide Security

NASTEC security officers were hired by the district after the Board of Directors chose to reduce the number of SROs in its schools.

NASTEC Partners with Beverly Hills Unified School District to Provide Security

NASTEC, a security firm, has made its mark in school safety as it enters its fourth year of its Public/Private School Partnership (PPSP).

As a pilot program four years ago, NASTEC partnered with the Beverly Hills Police Department in its shift to replace school resource officers (SROs) at schools within the Beverly Hills Unified School District (BHUSD).

In 2018, BHUSD’s Board of Directors voiced its concerns about challenges with SRO staffing at the school level and the number of increasing school incidents. The board ultimately made the decision, with support from Beverly Hills Police, to reduce the number of SROs in its schools and augment the additional needed security services with armed officers from NASTEC. The primary reason, according to the company, was to “provide a unique approach with highly skilled and uniquely trained security officers.”

NASTEC says its officers are well-trained by experts specializing in the unique needs and challenges of school safety — something not always afforded to SROs from traditional police departments due to a variety of reasons, including lack of resources or funding. The officers’ main goals are to deter potential threats and to engage during critical incidents.

“Schools today have unique challenges protecting the safety and security of our children. There is a great need to augment security deployments to ensure that the security teams in place can deescalate and assist in the prevention and mitigation of critical incidents,” says the company. “Additionally, it is crucial that those put in place at our schools understand how to handle every situation swiftly, effectively and with the minimal amount of loss possible.”

At BHUSD, PPSP personnel report to the school superintendent and the school board, and are in regular contact with the remaining SROs and Beverly Hills Police. Over the summer, BHUSD amended its contract with NASTEC to include three additional NASTEC officers.

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  1. Susan Theresa Mason says:

    Great job. I was so impressed with the thefts in the heart of Beverly Hillys and NASTEC working with the BHPD!!!

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