A Ransomware Conversation with a Cybersecurity Expert

In this podcast, we break down the ransomware threat and explore options for responding to an attack.

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As ransomware becomes more prevalent in the healthcare and education communities, Campus Safety has worked to teach our readers about the best ways to prevent and respond to an attack.

One of the more educational ransomware reports we’ve covered came from the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, or ICIT, which published a 40-page report on ransomware and predicted that 2016 would be “the year ransomware holds America hostage.” The report also gave the history of ransomware, explained the different types and targets of ransomware, gave methods that hackers have used and strategies that victims can adopt to minimize the disruption of ransomware.

To get a more in-depth understanding of ransomware, Campus Safety’s Web Editor Zach Winn decided to talk with a cybersecurity expert about the growing threat.

In the podcast below, Zach interviews ICIT Fellow and Chief Security Strategist at Securonix Brian Contos.

Contos offers an experienced, knowledgeable perspective on ransomware. Enjoy!

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