Bomb Threats Prompt Evacuation of Cincinnati School Districts

Bomb threats from a ‘computer-generated voice’ prompted precautionary evacuations Wednesday.

CINCINNATI – A series of threats made against Cincinnati schools are being investigated by local authorities.

At least four school districts received bomb threats on Wednesday morning, prompting evacuations, reports WLWT.

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“The students and the staff have been evacuated and local law enforcement is involved,” said Emily Buckley, an Oak Hill spokeswoman. “All students are safe.”

The Butler Country Sheriff’s Office posted on Twitter that the evacuation was strictly precautionary and that nothing suspicious was found.

The sheriff’s office said the caller “used what sounded like a digital or computer-generated voice” and indicated the schools had explosives. The caller did not specify which schools.

“We received information that this happened in several other adjacent counties around the same time. We do not know if they are connected or if it is the same person but it is being thoroughly investigated,” Sheriff Richard Jones said. “We take any and all threats of harm very seriously. This individual needs to be arrested quickly and taken off the street.”

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