Reduce Violence by Spotting Concealed Weapons

Is someone carrying a concealed weapon? Download this free report to learn how to tell and save lives.

Visual indicators that an individual has a weapon often go undetected. Being able to identify those indicators gives you the ability to prevent an assault

One valuable tool for campus personnel is the technique of visual weapons screening. Visual screening techniques have been used to recover thousands of firearms and other weapons and have averted a number of planned weapons assaults. Visual screening is an inexpensive and effective means to help counter such dangers as campus violence, gang violence and even terrorism. Visual screening is not a theoretical concept but a proven technique tested under difficult field conditions.

You can learn to spot a concealed weapon with this free report. Already, these techniques have recovered thousands of firearms and other weapons, saving countless lives and preventing injuries.

You don’t have to put yourself in danger; all you need to do is to be alert and scan people for the 7 signs that can indicate someone is carrying. Make your campus safer with this vital skill.