Mitigating the Risk of Violence in the Workplace

Download this report to learn about the five key areas organization’s need to consider in developing and maintaining a Workplace Violence Prevention Program.

Organizations are repeatedly reminded of the growing trend, costs and number of fatalities caused by workplace violence. Whether it’s a story on the nightly news or an incident in or near your workplace, it remains an issue that employers can no longer ignore.

The question, then, becomes, “what can organizations do to mitigate this problem?”  Some employers are having trouble deciding how to initiate conversations on their level of risk for an active shooter, partly because of their concern that it may promote fear in their employees. With the realization that workplace violence is not going away, more organizations are making the choice to take positive steps to prepare their workforce.

Even though the likelihood of being involved in a workplace violence incident is low, it’s imperative that senior leaders take needed precautions to safeguard their workplaces from current threats. By training employees at all levels, the state of awareness, and mitigation and prevention opportunities, increase substantially. Organizations who commit to a culture free from violence and threats of violence are taking positive steps to reduce the occurrence of a violent incident.

This free report “Mitigating the Risk of Violence in the Workplace” discusses the five key areas for an organization to consider in developing and maintaining a Workplace Violence Prevention Program.

  1. Executive Team Commitment
  2. Workplace Violence Prevention Policy
  3. Awareness Training for all employees
  4. Tailored manager and supervisor-level training
  5. Multi-Disciplinary Threat Management Team training

Undoubtedly, workplace violence will remain a “foreseeable risk.” Many believe occurrences of violence are not always predictable, which may be true; however, there are almost always warning signs. By taking a proactive approach, organizations may be able to recognize those warnings and act to mitigate or prevent workplace violence.

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