Managing Fast Moving Events with PSIM

Siemens has taken a completely new approach to PSIM. Siveillance Viewpoint takes the complexity out of PSIM solutions and maximizes command and control functionality. Learn more when you download this free report.

Institutions have a lot to gain from implementing a physical security information management solution— if it’s done correctly.

There’s no shortage of emergencies campus officials must be prepared to respond to today. These incidents range in complexity and can require very different types of responses.

Standalone security systems can provide a window into some of these events, serving a narrow function that then requires operators to fill in any remaining blanks. These systems, whether they be intrusion or fire alarm, video surveillance, access control or something else, have become commonplace on school and hospital campuses.

But relying on standalone systems alone may require emergency responders to manually gather information from other sources. After that, operators must find or remember the appropriate response procedures. This approach can be time consuming, require multiple people and lead to a less-informed response.

Learn more when you download this free report.

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