How to Improve Emergency Preparedness On Campus

Improving emergency preparedness on your campus is an evolving process involving both personnel and equipment. Learn from other school and college officials preparedness strategies and what they look for in an emergency alert system.

Forming an emergency response team is, unfortunately, necessary at every school district. An emergency response team is a great way to improve emergency preparedness and keep your school safe.

Recent emergencies at schools of all backgrounds and sizes across the country have shown the flaws of the “It won’t happen here” mentality. These days, frankly, school officials have no excuse for being blind-sided when a major emergency event occurs. That’s not to say that achieving emergency preparedness is easy. Emergency response has to be well-coordinated, multi-faceted and quick. That’s why emergency preparedness has to start long before an emergency occurs.

As such, an increasing amount of school districts are forming their own emergency response teams with staff members as a way to quickly organize a response to whatever emergency might arise.

Emergency response teams, also referred to as crisis response teams or emergency command teams, provide districts with a set plan to activate in the critical first minutes after an emergency begins. If done correctly, the teams can give everyone a specific function with clearly defined priorities that make it that much easier to flip the switch into crisis response mode.

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Learn more about how having an emergency response team in place can prepare your campus.


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