Enterprise Mobile Duress Cheat Sheet from Radius by Inovonics

While it is impossible to entirely eliminate the possibility of violence in the workplace, there are measures that can greatly reduce the risk. Of those measures, studies have found enterprise mobile duress (EMD) systems to be the most effective. In fact, after surveying the complete range of security options available to emergency departments, the Institute for Emergency Nursing Research concluded that, “Only one [environmental control measure] was signifi cantly associated with lower odds of physical violence – panic button/silent alarm.”

Unlike other types of security applications, an enterprise mobile duress system exists for the sole purpose of protecting people from harm. It does so by providing instant alerts to security personnel in case of an emergency. This can be when an employee believes they are in imminent danger, needs immediate assistance or when they become aware of a broader emergency that should be reported. An EMD system provides protection not only for the staff member carrying the wireless alarm transmitter, but for the entire healthcare environment.

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